HOME – POCKET CARS – HOT WHEELS - FLYING CUSTOMS - 1980 PONTIAC FIREBIRD V roku 1984 išlo už o tretiu generáciu PONTIAC FIREBIRD a celkovo sa v tomto roku vyrobilo až 128 304. Dizajn sa oproti roku 1983 nijako výrazne nelíšil. Konštruktérom predovšetkým išlo o výmenu pohonných jednotiek a tiež prevodoviek, niektoré autá dostali do vienku manuálnu … Čítať ďalej 1980 PONTIAC FIREBIRD


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – BM CREATION - AUGUST 2022 Množstvo detailov. dokonale prepracovaný model a skvelá zábava. To sú modely BM CREATION. Na jeseň tohto roku môžete u svojich predajcov očakávať krásne a zaujímavé novinyk od BM CREATION. Toyota FJ Cruiser Naozaj množstvo dielov ponúka novinka TOYOTA FJ CRUISER. Vymeniteľné diely robia z tohto drobčeka autíčko, ktoré … Čítať ďalej BM CREATION – AUGUST 2022


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – MINIART FOR MARCH / NEW KITS Current news from the MINIART workshop for the month of MARCH 2021. First of all, we would like to draw attention to the beautiful vintage German truck MERCEDES. Fans of military equipment will appreciate the interesting tank MAYBACH T-IV H of the Bulgarian army from World War … Čítať ďalej MINIART FOR MARCH / NEW KITS


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – BBR MODELS / NEW MODELS An overview of current news of perfect models from BBR MODELS is certainly a great attraction for every fan. Small limited editions make these models rare pieces for your collections. A big favorite for us is Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Verde Montreal Red Brakes (BBRC1851C). Feel free to … Čítať ďalej BBR MODELS / NEW MODELS


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – FIRST GEAR / NEW MODELS FIRS GEAR During the summer of 2021, FIRST GEAR plans to release some interesting innovations in limited series. And what is even more interesting in 1/64 scale. It is really a scale that has been on a sharp rise in the last two years. The manufacturer warns that … Čítať ďalej FIRST GEAR / NEW MODELS

NEW diecast MODELS

HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – NEW diecast MODELS MINICHAMPS For the following period, MINICHAMPS prepared F1 - RED BULL RACING in 1/18 and 1/43 scales. Last year's model of ASTON MARTIN RED BULL RACING RB16 will be presented by the company in three versions, which those interested can book today at the end of April 2021. Pre nasledujúce … Čítať ďalej NEW diecast MODELS


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – M2 MACHINES NEWS The company M2 MACHINES introduced several novelties of collector's models in 1/64 scale. We bring you a comprehensive overview that you can expect from your favorite sellers. For us, the M2 brand is significant especially for its detailed and unusual processing of diecast cars. Spoločnosť M2 MACHINES uviedla niekoľko noviniek … Čítať ďalej M2 MACHINES NEWS #002


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – MAISTO / NEW ELITE TRANSPORT 2021 The MAISTO model brand is a well-known concept for many collectors. Surely you have already noticed that on our website we follow the news MAISTO for the year 2021 and inform readers with reviews. From the ELITE TRANSPORT collection, the manufacturer has prepared several new products for … Čítať ďalej MAISTO / NEW ELITE TRANSPORT 2021


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – DATSUN 510 PRO STREET (MINI GT & KAIDOHOUSE) MINI GT has announced the pre-sale of the new DATSUN 510 PRO STREET models designed in collaboration with the KAIDO HOUSE design workshop in Japan. The sophistication of the mini models in 1/64 scale reaches the high level we have been used to. The replicas … Čítať ďalej DATSUN 510 PRO STREET (MINI GT & KAIDOHOUSE)


HOME – GARAGE – NEW MODELS – OTTO MOBILE JUNE/JULY 2021 Current news from OTTO MOBILE will always improve the mood in a wide collecting community around the world. After all, who wouldn't admire resin beauties in 1/18 scale. Many will certainly enjoy our comprehensive overview of news for the months of June and July. For us, the favorites are … Čítať ďalej OTTOMOBILE JUNE/JULY 2021