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To have your own diorama is the dream of every 1/64 scale collector. But not everyone have a space to create or store diorama, or doesn’t have a skills to make small workshop, or street. But the images in the head can be fulfilled with shop tools from Greenlight in 1/64 scale. i got into my hands set with BARDAHL colors. Since i have some cars in that color, they fit perfectly into the demonstration diorama for this article. But first, let’s introduce BARDAHL company.

BARDAHL company is an example of the American dream. Story of founder, Ole Bardahl, starting with his arrival to Seattle, with $29 in pocket, from his native Norway in 1922. In 1939 establishes company producting lubricants, oil, and car parts. Over time, the company has become a major manufacturer of oils and lubricants. Since it’s inception, BARDAHL has been interested in sponsoring car racing. On her account there are countless teams with BARDAHL logo. Company has crossed “the Big Pond”, and came back to Europe.


Shop tools set in 1/64 scale, contains very interesting accessories for dioramas. Set contains jack, creeper, oil drum, tool cart, tool cabinet and engine hoist. All pieces are plastic-made and the processing really copies the workshop equipment. my favourite is yellow-black oil drum with BARDAHL logo. Also very cool is jack.

The equipment of the set, complemented by models, stands out very nicely. I tried to capture a magic of movement on the photos. You can see how small pieces can “add life” to your collection. Greenlight produces it in several version, so, you can choose brand, which works best with your collection. This kit was provided by e-shop Arthuro – Collector Models, for which we thank them very much.

MANUFACTURER: Greenlight SCALE: 1/64  NAME: Shop Tool Accesories Bardahl

PLUS: details, diversity, color combination

MINUS: slight errors in color contours

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