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In this article, i won’t be writing about first generation of Firebird and his history. I will leave it for another time, because we have article in local magazine in our country. Maybe in future, we will look at first Firebird, just for our English readers. This is article about second generation from Hot wheels, based on a car from Fast & Furious 4. Hot Wheels is most collected brand in our country. But this applies to mainline casting.

You can find Hot Wheels in every toy shop, or some big groceries. Prizes are from 1€ to 2.49€ for a piece. But Hot Wheels making also Premium Versions. They are more expensive, starting around 8.99€ in toy shop. They are made in better quality, rubber tiers, diecast chassis, or more details, just like headlights for example. Tt’s difficult to get them here in Slovakia. Even if they come to the shop (we have only one brand which solds HW Real Riders), they are immediately gone. Most collectors shopping through the internet, like ebay or so. I also bought this model on ebay, from far far Australia

Firebrid came in 1977 with facelift, which i think, is very beautiful. Trans Am option was a special version improvising performance, suspension, steering, or adding some visual accessories. Golden stickers was also part of this version. Big Phoenix (Fire Bird) on the hood is just perfect, always fascinating me on this car. There was a more color variants, but i think, this one, is legendary. Trans Am also being famous after featured in movie Smokey and the Bandit. Paradoxically, vehicle never race, in Trans Am series.


Model from HW can be compared by visual to manafacturers like auto World, Greenlight or Johnny Lightning. Painting is very nice, without errors, with accurate thickness and shine. Same for tampoprint. Every single piece, is perfectly on place. Look at the headlights, or grill outline, or Pontiac logo, very good. One thing on this car is interesting. Number plate in rear, is same as in the movie Fast & Furious 4. But in movie was model year 1978 and it doesn’t look like this model. I think, HW was more inspired by real vehicle from 1977, and it’s only good. But i don’t know, doesn’t look like a chopped? Or is just my feeling that Roof and windows seems to be lowered?

In very good quality is also diecast chassis. It’s dominated by exhausts systems. We can see there pipes, catalyzators and four exhaust tips. Golden wheels with chrome tip and rubber tires, completing the overall design. Maybe if rear wheels, were a little smaller, it would be better. I think they are too big. But it’s not big fault for me. I like this model very much.

Plus: Overall design, Paint, Tampoprint

Minus: Choppped roof, Big rear wheels, Little different from the movie version

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