[ENG] 1973 Ford Falcon XB

In American movies, cars played quite often an important role. In some cases they were more or less than the main character. One of these cars, is modificated Ford Falcon XB from 1973, which was in Mad Max. I will not speak here, what are movies about, who doesn’t seen it, just do it, right now. In Europe it is not a very well-known model. Most people know this car because of movies.

Ford Falcon si an Australian vehicle, which was developed and manufactured by Ford Australia. Until 1970 was manufactured in USA too, but with different design. We will look at the third generation, which was maked from 1972 to 1979. XB version has 15 different body versions. Pickup, coupé, fastback, saloon, van, and many others. 211 971 pieces of XB was produced. There were on offter two engines, both in two versions. Straight-six engine with 200cu(3.3L) and 250cu(4.1L). V8 engine with 302cu(4.9L) and 351cu(5.8L).

Film version had a lot of modifications. For example, front aerodynamic bumper, was called „Concord“. Under teh hood was 351cu Cleveland V8. Compressor on the top was non-functional. For film needs there was an 12V electric engine which spinned compressor. Model presents car, from first movie. This can be easily distinguished by anothers additional fuel tanks in trunk. Due to combination of matte and gloss black color, nickname of the car is „Black On Black“.

If we compare model to the film version, is obvious that Greenlight took care of the details. Painting is of high quality, and transition between gloss and matte colors is error-free. Maybe it’s not good visible on the photos, but matte black is around the vehicle. It is best visible at the rear of the vehicle, where is going up to the wing. Continues to the side skirts, front fenders, and bumper. Also is on the hood, around the compressor. Here we can see front lights with yellow covers. In the back, are painted rear lights, that are in place as they should be. Behind the front wheels, is insignia of the MFP, police unit in the movie.

The last detail that creates a perfect impression are wheels, or better say, tires. They have the same inscriptions as in the movie. And the chassis, for me, it’s a masterpiece. I don’t think that is necessary to comment this, just look at the photo. But what not to see in the photo is the gap between suspension and chassis. Very precise detail. Chassis is metal-made, except exhausts, those are plastic.

In the package is also figurine of the Max Rockatansky and paper box. Not the worst, but you will find the truth nicer on the market and I think it is small compared to the car, but pleased. Diecast is Mijo Exclusive, and according to the information I searched for, it’s just a figurine and a box of those exclusive things.

MANUFACTURER: Greenlight SCALE: 1/64  TITLE: 1973 Ford Falcon XB

PLUS: lots of detail, authentic model associated with film production, chassis, wheels, literally everything

MINUS: plastic exhaust

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