Italian loser.

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The purpose of Le Mans is to win. But there is more. Above all, designers and manufacturers want to show that their car can handle the 24-hour hell at full power. Every serious car maker will take a part in, or have participated in these competition in the past. And what kind of race it would be without Lamborghini, brand that celebrated success with the Countach in the 1980s. The actors, celebrities, wealthy owners of big companies were subject to the super-sport line of Bologna. But the thing is different…

The birth of the Lamborhini QVX concept is not driven by Lambo itself, but by British businessman and importer of Lambroghini to England, David Jolliffe. After many bans when his Lamborghini Countach LP5000S was given a stopwatch at the plant, he decided to address the design office of Spice Engineering for performance and modifications. With the advent of 1986, the concept of the Lamborghini Countach QVX, whose 1/43 scale model today we introducing, saw the light of day. Mr. David’s intention was to participate in Le Mans races the same year. However, another stop came from the organizers. It is interesting that in the same year Spice Engineering participated in these races with a special Spice SE86C and Ford Cosworth DFL.

On the model you will immediately notice the fact that it is not stuck with sponsors’ stickers, for which is telling the historical fact about the financial problems of the Portman Lamborghini racing team speaks. Conversely, the manufacturer of the model Altaya has the task to fine-tune this gem to the smallest detail. Paintwork was done in good quality. Processing the model corresponds to its price, but for me will always have space in the shelf, especially because of its difficult fate. Also, the stickers are visible to the naked eye that they are easy to read, but on the model look like they want to fall off. What is a pity, as the manufacturer has shown some details of the body just labeled. For example, the tank cap.

Of course, we can also find many added details of the model, such as front and rear lights, wipers and others. Also the back wing. Even when we are at the rear of the model, it is necessary to mention the exhaust system that dominates the rear together with the aforementioned wing.

Although the model looks cheap, which in fact is, I must admit that I was a little surprised. Mainly redesigned interior. The number of elements that the racing cab actually has, is reflected in the car. In the cabin, in addition to the racing seat with a four-point belt, there is a fire extinguisher, and also something that resembles a frying pan.

Modely od Auto World.

The chassis of the model is the opposite of the cab. He’s very boring. Really austere. The manufacturer doesn’t pay attention to it. He took home a piece of plastic plate for cutting vegetables and made it a chassis for QVX. Nothing, just a description. But don’t be disappointed. The model is manufactured under the official Lamborghini trademark. But the wheels !? That’s something else. Used discs manufacturer designed perfectly. The beautiful golden highlight of disc strips not only delights the eye and perfectly accentuates the sporting spirit of today’s loser. In conclusion, only briefly. Who cheers Le Mans, will not despise.

MANUFACTURER: Altaya SCALE: 1/43 TITLE: Lamborghini Countach QVX 1986

PLUS: lots of detail, headlights, wheel rims

MINUS: thick stickers, chassis without details

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