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This is first time when we have a diecast model from the manafacturer Auto World on our blog. Casting of this brand is really interesting. The manafacturer focuses on American vehicles, mostly older years. All models are made in true 1:64 scale. I’m not a collector of old American vehicles, but this vehicle caught my attention in the e-shop. Need to say, it was a good purchase. Suprised me with the high quality design.

Let’s first introduce a real vehicle. Mercury was founded in 1938 by Henry Ford son, Edsel and defunct in 2011. During its existence, it belonged to Ford Motor Company. Vehicle, or better speaking the version Cyclone, was a more powerful version of Comet, introduced in 1964. Our model, which is representing year 1966, is second generation. GT version used V8 engine, which was 390cu (6,4L) and 250kW (335hp). This option featured fiberglass hood with two air scopes and some car stripes on the side of the vehicle.

As for the quality of painting, I haven’t found a single defect. But, during writing these article, i noticed one thing. On the right side of the vehicle, the windows trim is highlighted, but not on the left side. It is a pity and a little spoiled the impression of the vehicle. I will also highlight the quality of the bumper paint, the silver color hardly interferes with the black. Under the opening hood, the painting is also error-free, and this is exactly how it should look, not some signs that the hood or edges are not painted enough.

The front of the vehicle is very well designed. Here we have painted lights, fog lights and the grill. I Was surprised by Comet sign, in the left part of top mask. The rear of the vehicle is also very beutiful. We can see here lock of the boot, very well maked rear lights or inscription Cyclone between the lights. Design completes the red stripes on the sides of the vehicle and insignia on the front fenders.

The die-cast chassis, which contains many details, also deserves our attention. For example, axle mounting, exhaust system, transmission, drive shaft, or two exhaust. In the rear of the chassis, we can find fuel tank. All of these parts are creating very nice design. On the axles are mounted beautiful chrome wheels with rubber tires, which complete a final desing of the vehicle.

From now on, I will certainly focus more on the Auto World brand, although it is harder to find here. I Already have six pieces from this brand, so maybe in the soon future, there will be another article. Stay tuned !

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